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Rajgopal Kishore

Welcome to my blog. I wish to share best practices, insights and trends on business intelligence (BI). To me BI is about measuring your business, discovering performance levers and enhancing business performance. Effective BI is a closed-loop feedback system that learns constantly and is reoriented based on performance improvements.

Tools and technology are part of the solution but are not the solution in themselves. Too many organizations have all the right tools, technologies and technical skill sets but still fall short of effecting performance improvement.

This blog is about the problem-solving approach required to make BI impact business performance. My blogs share my personal insight gleaned by consulting with Fortune 1000 organizations and creating world-class SI practices. Some of the themes I write about include:

  • Gaps in current tools and technologies
  • Suggestions around organizational structures and skills
  • Making IT successful in BI
  • Client experiences - both good and bad

Join me in this endeavor.

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Rajgopal Kishore is an accomplished industry leader with more than 20 years of experience. He consults with Fortune 1000 clients around IT and BI strategy. He has jumpstarted and scaled IT/BI consulting practices at top-five outsourcing/system integration companies. His personal passion is to help clients realize business value from technology and outsourcing decisions. Over the last decade, Kishore has consulted on enterprise architecture, IT optimization, architecting complex transaction systems, performance assessments, IT strategy and BI strategy. While building consulting and solution delivery organizations, Kishore has relentlessly focused on listening to clients and providing solutions to real client needs as opposed to articulated requirements. In his last stint at a major IT outsourcer, Kishore felt a need to reorient team members to consultative engagements and, as a result, he created a game-based and case study-based consulting workshop. You can contact him at

We solved the problem of storing and accessing large amounts of data - traditional database vendors upgraded their offerings to work with terabyte size data. And we saw the advent of datawarehousing appliances such as Teradata that could store and access data in hundreds of TB with relative ease.

While we solved the problem of storing and accessing such data volumes, processing it and looking for patterns continues to remain a challenge. For example, a large bank in the US took upto 14 hours to run a SAS AML algorithm inspite of having Teradata. If we had to look for a pattern such "A calls B and hangs up, and immediate after that B calls A" through a months data of calls, it could take hours if not days.

Why? We still need to access the data, pull it into one or more servers away from the datawarehouse to perform the computation or search.

The same process at the bank above took 3 minutes when the SAS APIs in burnt into Teradata were used.

In this case, the data did not have to be pulled away and examined. All of the work happened close to the place where data was stored. The appropriate APIs (in this case SAS APIs) resided in the core of each Teradata Snippet Processing Unit, making it 300 times faster.

Greenplum and Asterdata are two other datawarehousing appliances that have impressed me with grounds up implementations of "taking processing closer to data".  It is worthwhile giving a good look at these products - both have unique features - and much better price performance.

To take advantage of these technologies think through your processing needs as well as your data model and data volumes. 


Posted June 9, 2010 6:05 AM
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1 Comment

I woould like to share something, the said wordings is true in this blog that Business Intelligent is not use as data provider but Business Intelligent Tool and BI consultant(Business Analyst) work as Business partner. Observe the data, pain points, KPI and dashboard are the where BI move around. When I say Listing report of sale of product then it will never be analytical nore will help in any decision making. But when I show a graph with dimension of Month and expression of Sale of product then it will give the real picture of sale of product in months. For which month which product sale fall? when we can see this fall, loss, downtrend then here we are helping business to look upon it. I have worked with Deutshe Post bank home finance Ltd. Showing how the number of files are login for Loan, How much get sanctions and how much got apporved and finally disbursed amount given. Here Analysis start when Login files are 100 and sanction are only 50, last year 200 login and 120 Sanction; Now Questions why 100 Login when they are not fit for sanction. One thing here I want to conclude, moreover a truth of BI is to analyse the data and show the real facts and figure in a manner in which Business can see the real picture and can make decision. BI can never be business partner. Positive and Negative is Business side, BI can only show trends, like NPA increasing what you say positive? No business will tell it is negative.

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