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Rajgopal Kishore

Welcome to my blog. I wish to share best practices, insights and trends on business intelligence (BI). To me BI is about measuring your business, discovering performance levers and enhancing business performance. Effective BI is a closed-loop feedback system that learns constantly and is reoriented based on performance improvements.

Tools and technology are part of the solution but are not the solution in themselves. Too many organizations have all the right tools, technologies and technical skill sets but still fall short of effecting performance improvement.

This blog is about the problem-solving approach required to make BI impact business performance. My blogs share my personal insight gleaned by consulting with Fortune 1000 organizations and creating world-class SI practices. Some of the themes I write about include:

  • Gaps in current tools and technologies
  • Suggestions around organizational structures and skills
  • Making IT successful in BI
  • Client experiences - both good and bad

Join me in this endeavor.

About the author >

Rajgopal Kishore is an accomplished industry leader with more than 20 years of experience. He consults with Fortune 1000 clients around IT and BI strategy. He has jumpstarted and scaled IT/BI consulting practices at top-five outsourcing/system integration companies. His personal passion is to help clients realize business value from technology and outsourcing decisions. Over the last decade, Kishore has consulted on enterprise architecture, IT optimization, architecting complex transaction systems, performance assessments, IT strategy and BI strategy. While building consulting and solution delivery organizations, Kishore has relentlessly focused on listening to clients and providing solutions to real client needs as opposed to articulated requirements. In his last stint at a major IT outsourcer, Kishore felt a need to reorient team members to consultative engagements and, as a result, he created a game-based and case study-based consulting workshop. You can contact him at

January 2010 Archives

My hypothesis is that far too many challenges in Business Intelligence are construed as technology issues. And hence very often BI programs are driven as technology initiatives - and often fail to make business impact.

Is Data Quality a Technology Issue?

Ing Vysya bank in India created a new product and asked for a set of potential customers. IT came up with a list of 5,000 target customers - a number that shocked the business - the actual number was expected to be 10 times more.

The CIO, CVG Prasad investigated and discovered that errors in date of birth entries made the list inaccurate. A drive commenced to address this problem - both corrective and preventive action was taken. As expected, the actual numbers were much higher.

This data quality issue had the potential to tilt the balance. At a target number of 5,000, the product was unviable; at a target number of around 8 times more, the product was definitely a go.

You see what I am saying? Many times business has low confidence in the quality of data (completeness, fidelity, accuracy). This implies that:

  1. the decisions taken using this data could be wrong 
  2. the data is not used for decision making - executives instead lapse back to relying on their intuition.

Both of the above are sub-optimal.

Viewing Data Quality as a business issue helps us drive corrective and preventive action to focus on business decision making.


Posted January 24, 2010 8:18 AM
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