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Artificial Intelligence in an Industrial Setting (Podcast) Summary
Ron Powell talks with Cheryl Wiebe, Practice Lead for Industrial Intelligence at Teradata, to learn why she says that artificial intelligence (AI) in industrial settings can literally kill.

Topics: Analytics, Business Analytics

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Explosion of Machine Learning to Fight Financial Crimes (Podcast) Summary
Andy Margonis, Financial Crimes Business Consultant with Teradata, explains the how Teradata helps its customers combat the organizations that focus on criminal financial activity.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Analytical Techniques, Big data

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Teradata Focus: Advanced Analytics for Positive Business Outcomes (Podcast) Summary
Sri Raghaven, Director of Data Science for Teradata, explains Teradata's transformation from a database/data warehouse provider to an all-encompassing analytics organization.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Databases/Database Administration

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Teradata’s Cloud-First Obsessive Organizational Focus (Podcast) Summary
In this podcast, Ken Bogusch, Cloud Marketing Manager at Teradata, talks with Ron Powell about Teradata’s cloud-first obsessive organizational focus on helping customers with their journey to the cloud.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big data

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Manage by Value to Get Value (Podcast) Summary
Rob Armstrong, Senior Technologist with Teradata, discusses why managing by value is relevant now and provides examples of where and how this can be applied.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics

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Living in a Post-Hadoop World (Podcast) Summary
podcast, Imad Birouty, Director of Technical Product Marketing with Teradata, weighs in on why Hadoop hasn’t lived up to its hype.

Topics: Analytics, Big data, Hadoop

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Easy Access, Manipulation and Analysis of Object Store Data (Podcast) Summary
Carrie Ballinger, Senior Technical Consultant at Teradata, discusses Vantage Native Object Store, a new feature that will be a part of Vantage in the near future.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big data

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The IoT Journey for Enterprises (Podcast) Summary
Krish Krishnan, CEO for Sixth Sense Advisors, describes how enterprises are adopting the Internet of Things (IoT).

Topics: Analytics, Big data

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Stambia: Agile Processing of Ever-Increasing Data Volumes and Data Types (Podcast) Summary
Fabien Bruder CEO and one of the two cofounders of Stambia, discusses Stambia’s agile ELT data integration solution.

Topics: Data Integration, Cloud Computing, Big data, Hadoop

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Fraud Prevention Through Analytics (Podcast) Summary
Ben Zenick, Chief Technology Officer at Zencos, discusses fraud and analytics. He provides keys to successfully using analytics to find fraudulent activity before it becomes a problem.

Topics: Analytics, Best Practices, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Analytical Techniques

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RStudio and Open Source in the Future of Data Science (Podcast) Summary
Sean Lopp, Product Manager with RStudio, discusses and Ron Powell discuss RStudio’s open source tools including the differences between open source tools and paid commercial offerings. Sean also explains the benefits, support and security of open source tools.

Topics: Open Source BI, Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Data Management

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The Celebrus Advantage for Teradata Customers (Podcast) Summary
Bill Bruno, Vice President for North America for Celebrus, discusses how Celebrus and Teradata are solving the digital challenge facing enterprises in today's marketplace. The interview is conducted by Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert for the BeyeNetwork and executive producer for The World Transformed Fast Forward Series.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, CRM, Customer Data Integration, Data Management

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Visual Analytics: Understanding the Impact of Image-Based Media for Digital Marketing (Podcast) Summary
Ron Powell interviews Bill Rand Associate Professor at the Poole College of Management at NC State, and Gijs Overgoor, visiting scholar from the University of Amsterdam at Poole College. They discuss how visual analytics can analyze images to understand their effectiveness and the role that analysis plays in advertising.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Visualization, Business Analytics, Big data

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Finnair Unlocks the Business Value of Data with Data Catalog Summary
In this podcast, Minna Kärha, Head of Data for Finnair, talks with Ron Powell about how Finnair is able to realize the fullest potential of their data assets.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Collaboration

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Data Catalogs: Connecting Data Across the Enterprise Summary
Claudia Imhoff talks with Ron Powell about how data catalogs assist organizations that realize they are wasting a lot of valuable time and money trying to find the data and answers they need.

Topics: Analytics, Best Practices, Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Compliance, Data Governance, ROI (Return On Investment), Business Analytics, Big data, Hadoop

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